ELISA My name is Elisa, i am 58 years old, i have been a mother for many years and a nurse for even more. I am the oldest of the group, i have a lot of life experience but also a great desire to continue gaining it.
I like to travel, also in an inconvenient but authentic way; I like to learn about people and places in the real world. One of the many good things that life has given me is possibility to do a job that i really like; now, i am close to retirement but i dream to continue working with and for people. Insieme per mano is the answer to this desire, a project of Women for the Future Women of India, so that they can live well in their country as well as i live in mine. There is much to build; collaboration, commitment and altruism make me dream and run towards India and towards our journey of love.

STEFANIA I live in Bergamo where i work as Psychotherapist and psychologist with oncological patients.
In the past i worked as professional nurse in the operating theater. In those years i continued the training for my current job. I love life and people. I like to observe nature and to think, i like to meet and get to know people and look for the most true parts in the human being. For this reason i have traveled and met humanity far and wide, i have worked in African hospitals, i have seen a lot of painful things but also wonderful talking eyes, smiling lips and arms that welcome with authenticity.
The experience of life has an extraordinary value in my personal and human growth: i seek and welcome it with joy! I want to be a mother and a sister for children and women of other worlds because it helps me to live with joy and in love and it’s my way to contribute for a juster world. I like to think that my life and my believes are a small but significant drop in an ocean where everyone is part of the other in a collective movement that can lead to higher and higher levels of individual social and spiritual conscience. Insieme per mano is a chance for me in this direction.

SAMANTHA I was born and raised in England; as a child i used to travel to follow my father.
I came to Italy for the first time to stay for three months, but then i have remained for twenty years! I am a flight attendant and i travel for work and for pleasure. In one of my trips to India, i had the enormous pleasure to meet Cristina, Stefania, Tiziana and Elisa because they were volunteers like me in Calcutta. I returned to Italy with India in my heart and with a great desire to give a lot of love.

CRISTINA I was born in Bergamo but i have been living and working in Salò for 17 years.
I studied to become a professional nurse but life brought me new experiences and now i work in the tourist industry. I feel grateful for love and for everything i have and i am desirous to help people in need. The answer? A travel to Calcutta and many indigent people… but actually what i gave was nothing compared to what i received.

PIERATornado Pierina! Oh yes! After a life dedicated to trade but also to her three children and five grandchildren, Lady Bergametti has now found time and enthusiasm to devote to our non-profit organization.
Tenacious, altruist and always very positive! Thanks to her hands and her ability to seek patiently materials and ideas, she sews and creates objects for the house. Her objects are true of Love...