The solidarity favors of Insieme per mano are customized objects created by hand according to the client’s requests / demands for baptisms, communions, graduations, weddings and other celebrations.
Through the Insieme per mano favors, a happy moment of your life becomes an occasion of solidarity and love towards less fortunate people.
Your contribution will be transformed into practical help for many children who live in poverty.

In the pictures you will find only a few models: visit to see all the latest creations and other many gift ideas and creations for your house. Milli is a volunteer of Insieme per mano and gives her work for our association!
Contact us by phone or email to tell us what you want and to customize subject, ticket, donation, payment and delivery. Milli, the person who creates the Insieme per mano favors, will follow you in the various phases of order and packaging.
+39 349 3002668 or

Tax deductions: Insieme per mano is a recognized nonprofit association. Your donation for the solidarity favors entitles you to receive tax deductions (retain the transfer receipt of your donation and attach it to the documents of your tax return).


Birth- Baptism:
Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries:
Solidarity Gifts, home decorations and festivals:
Tickets and parchments: