Becoming distance parents is an act of love that changes a child’s life.

PYou can help him-her grow and have enough food, better sanitary conditions, the chance to go to school and opportunities for the future, protecting them from abuse and dangers to which children are subjected in the Southern hemisphere. Your donation, with less than 50 cents a day, changes a child’s fate and helps develop a decent life for all the family and the community. Adopting a child means sustaining the family.
Insieme per mano deals with children living in two slums of Calcutta: Shalimar and Martinpara. We help children grow in their living environment together with their family, respecting their cultural traditions and their spiritual values.

To start the distance adoption you can:
1- fill out and send the adoption card (Download the form);
2- make the payment on a semi-annual or annual basis. The contribution is 192 Euros per year (96 Euros per semester);
3- after activating the support you will receive the child’s presentation form, a photograph and the description of the place in which he-she lives.
The contacts between the child and the adoptive family are maintained by the association as autonomous postal communications are difficult. You will receive regular news about his-her state of health, his-her personal and educational progress; if you want you can personally come to Calcutta to meet him-her.

For more information or to meet us personally, you can contact our telephone number 39 349 3002668 or write an email to info@insiemepermano.org
We will be happy to answer and talk about our Children!

Payment procedures
Adoptive parents can decide whether to activate the semi-annual or annual payment.
Insieme per mano advises PERMANENT bank transfer payment.

Bank Transfer can be permanently activated requesting permission to your bank and defining the payment periodicity. It’s practical because it is automatic and you can terminate it at any time. This gives Insieme per mano a regular contribution to plan and allocate the funds received with lower costs.
As an alternative you can support our activities through Pay pall or Bank ordinary transfer.

  • Donations by bank transfer.
    Beneficiary: NPO Insieme per mano.
    IBAN: IT78V0851453510000000270403 - SWIFT: ICRAITRREA0
    Banca: Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Dell'Oglio and Del Serio SC

If you do not want to assume the moral commitment to continue distance support for at least three years you can make free offers, even moderate, and support a micro-project according to your resources.

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